The best way to travel in Europe is here! Do you want to know what it is?

If you are reading this article probably you are looking for a way to travel between different places in Europe, or maybe it’s just because you are curious.

That isn’t important, because I will tell you anyways the many options that you have at your disposal, and the one that it’s the best for me. Do you want to find it? Keep reading.

The different options that you have at your disposal for travel in Europe

If you want to travel in Europe, specially between different countries, you have many options at your disposal. However, some of them are better than others. For example, you can:

  • Travel by car. It can be your own car or a rent one. However, the fuel that you are going to use is extremely high, and you need to drive for hours and hours and hours… not recommended.
  • Of course you can take a taxi, but just think for a moment how much can cost a taxi run from Paris to London. Don’t suffer a heart attack yet, there are other ways to do it.
  • Take a plane. Is a good option fo arrive fast, but just if you go from a point A to a point B. However, not all cities have airports, airplanes are too expensive, and at the end you need to go from the airport to anywhere else in another mean of transportation. I’ts not so practical.
  • By boat. This can be a nice way to visit coastal cities. However, it can take you several weeks to make a trip from England to Spain, for example. So this solution it’s limited and slow.
  • The bus is also a slow option. It can be cheap but it’s takes too long too. Of course is fastest than walking or ride a horse, but it’s not the best option.
  • The best one, for me, it’s the train. In a moment I explain you why.

Why the train is the best way to do it

If you travel by train in Europe you can go fast enough to arrive on time, and slow enough for enjoy the trip.

Trains also have a good quality-price relationship, so you can safe a lot of money. Many perpetual travellers and digital nomads prefer trains for this reason.

European trains are very confortable and reliable nowadays, and you can do a lot of things in them from read the newspaper or work in your computer to visit the cafeteria. And they have better meals than planes!

Trains also arrives to places where planes don’t. You can have train stations in many cities and towns in Europe, so is easier to go where you want to go with them.

My experience with European trains

In 2019 taking a train in Spain with Sandra. I love trains! And I use them as much as I can, as you can see 🙂

As you know, I live right now in the Canary Islands. Here there aren’t many trains, however when I went to Europe I could use some of them, and I have a very good memory of that part of my travels. In fact, I have taken many planes in my live (I have no much choice for get out from the island to the continent), but I don’t have so good memories like the ones that I have in trains. Today I want to tell you how I fell in love with trains.

I specially remember with love when I toke an old Talgo train from RENFE in 2009 from Bilbao to Barcelona. It was an old train, even for that time. However, it was the best train experience that I ever had, even considering that I expended almost all the day in that train.

Some passengers was talking about that the train was about to be retired, and that the machine was an old model. For me, it was fantastic because I could see through the window lots of villages, fields and landscapes that I didn’t saw before. Was like making “fast tourism” to lots of places that I couldn’t visit in another way. And I was very curious to know those places!

Of course, you can see the ground in a plane, but it’s not the same. Planes fly too far from places, but in a train, the world is “just there”. You almost can reach your hand and touch it! And this is an experience that you need to live, I can’t express you this with words, but it was amazing!

From that day, I love train trips, specially when travel through places where I wasn’t before, and I strongly recommend you to do try it. Try it and then tell me what do you think!

I hope that this article have been interesting for you. What do you think that is the best way to travel in Europe? Do you agree about trains? Let me know in the comments, even if you aren’t agree. You can also share this article in your social media for help other people. See you soon!

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