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How to live from a blog and earn money by writing on it

After a while, I have managed to get several of my blogs to generate enough money to be a source of income more. Do you want to learn to do the same? Well, keep reading!

A blog can be a powerful tool to boost what you already do, it can become your center of operations on the Internet, and connect with each other other strategies that you make to generate income. In this article I am going to teach you from scratch how to do it. You must bear in mind that to live on a blog you probably have to do a lot of previous work, so it is a medium-long term strategy.

But do not worry, because in this content I’m going to gather all the material I have on creating and profiting from blogs.

What profile is needed to be able to live on a blog

Basically you should like to write and you should want to share what you write with other people. It is generally recommended that you write about topics that you master and that teach other people or solve their problems. When your content is useful, it is sought after by people using the Internet, making it easier than other people want to read your blog and new people find you.

Therefore, to live on a blog you must create teaching content that helps people, instead of talking about the exciting life of your cat. However, entertainment content also has some boom on the Internet, but these moves more by word of mouth and it will cost more to make the blog grow in traffic.

Skills needed

There are certain technical skills you should have to embark on the adventure of having your own blog. Some are related to writing well, not having spelling mistakes … etc and others are technical skills such as installing a blog, setting it up … etc. They are just some things to keep in mind.

Both the ability to write and the technical skills can be obtained with practice and time, but if you do not want to wait there are some courses that you would probably like to do:

Professional profile

There are all kinds of blogs, and therefore all kinds of people behind. A blog allows you to let the world know your point of view, and on many occasions, that you know about a certain topic (personal brand development). There are blogs related to all professions, there are blogs of politicians, blogs of companies, and blogs of people who simply talk about what they like. On what topics do you know more? What are you passionate about? Probably with those two questions you already have the answer in hand to know what your blog can be. Can you imagine what it would be like to make money talking about it?


5 Things to keep in mind when setting up a blog

When you want to start living from a blog, it is normal that at first you do not know where to start. Therefore, before continuing to explain how to earn money with it, I will review with you 5 things you need to have.

1. What will your blog be about?

Perhaps the most important thing to ask yourself is this because, once you know it, it will be much easier to make the rest of the decisions. You have two possible options to make this decision easier:

  • Topics that you master, that you like, that you understand a lot about or where you want to position yourself in the market (enhancing your personal brand, for example)
  • Issues that generate trends, or that are very sought after on the Internet and that you see that you can manage. Perhaps one of the simplest places to find that information is Google Trends.

If you are thinking of making your blog for professional purposes, I recommend you see this short 3 minute video where I talk about the approach that a professional website should have.

2. What type of platform will you use

Over a decade creating websites for different projects I have tried all kinds of CMS: Joomla!, Drupal, PHP Nuke, SMF, PHPbb … but if you are reading this article what you need is WordPress, I give you three reasons I know that they will convince you:

  • It is FREE, whether you use it in online format or if you install it on your own server
  • It is easy to use for anyone with a minimum computer base at user level
  • There are tons of videos, tutorials and even courses! (here I have chosen 12 of those courses) with which to learn everything you need.

I could make you a comparison chart with pros and cons in 2000 words, but we will come to the same conclusion and I think your time is valuable. Anything you have in your head, you can do with WordPress. Honestly, it is very likely that it can also be done with Joomla !, but with double the time and double the knowledge, so the most efficient solution right now with the feet placed in 2019 is WordPress.

One more argument? If I have tried all the CMS had and have and this blog is made with WordPress … I think it’s for something, and as St. Augustine of Hippo would say “These are facts, not words” :).

3. Hosting and Domain

It is true that there are many websites where you register and with a few clicks you have a blog “working”, even WordPress has that option, Google has your proposal also with blogspot … but it is very likely that you are reading this article because you want to convert it into a source of income, right? That means that you’re going to take it seriously, so go forgetting about the blogs to register and make a few clicks. You need a hosting and a domain.

The Domain

The domain name will be the address to which people will go to get to your website. For example, when we use Google, we have to go to the domain “Google.com” and to enter Facebook, we go to “Facebook.com”. True?
The domain name is going to be the address that people will write to get to your website. You will have to buy one

The Hosting

What is a hosting? Well, basically “a computer that you rent to a company to install your blog on it and have your stuff stored there (your things related to the blog)”. Since 2008 I have been using HostGator, and it has allowed me to host all kinds of projects. Do you know why? Because everything is unlimited, hard disk space, bandwidth, domains that I can host … all not to mention the incredible support they have and that is 100% optimized for WordPress.

There are free hosting out there, I tried them, but either they leave the page offline in the middle of the month because “you reached the limit of traffic” or they sneak advertising where they want without you being able to do anything even if they deform all the page. Are there any that are not like that? Sure, but when you pay a company to provide a service you can demand quality, and when it’s free …? You decide, you can take advantage of my experience in this or do it by trial-error until you arrive at a solution that suits you.

If you opt for HostGator, you can try it for a penny of dollar the first month if you click on this banner that I leave below:

4. How will you organize the time

You can not create a blog to upload an article a month and pretend it works. Do you think that the companies that hire you to write (small spoiler, later I’ll tell you about that) would look at a blog that does not have new content frequently? Or for example, what makes advertising profitable in a blog that has nothing to read? Well if you want to be successful with your blog you should at least upload some content every week.

The best way is to have a specific time to write on the blog, for example a specific day of the week from one hour to another. Do you want a trick to always have something to write about? Make lists, always have something to point to (the phone is useful) because the ideas will come to you at any time of the day. If you want something more sophisticated, here are 5 free tools to organize your information.

5. How are you going to get traffic

This is something that you should also think about, because you should adapt your content to that strategy. For example, you can make your content more viral if your strategy is based on social networks. On the other hand, you may want to adapt to a format that allows you to generate traffic through meneitos or work on SEO so that visitors come through searches. It is a whole world.

How do you earn money in a blog?

Graphic ads

This is the best known, it’s about putting advertising banners on your blog for those who can pay you in different ways. Generally by CPM, CPC or CPA. What is this? Do not worry, I have this other article where I explain it to you.

There are two ways to do it. The first is to contact yourself with companies that may want to advertise and get paid for having a banner there, which is much more complicated for a small blog. Why? Because if the company were yours, you would put publicity on the site that could have the most visibility possible, right? A small blog is usually not as attractive to businesses because it has less traffic than, say, a newspaper. However, if your blog is oriented to a very specific niche, where there are few websites on the subject … it may be interesting to contact companies in the sector to see what can be done.

But we have the second option: You can work with advertising agencies that manage the advertising spaces of your blog. I, after trying both options for a while, do it this way. All the advertising spaces of contextual advertising of my blogs are carried by agencies. The best known advertising agency for websites is Google Adsense, although there are many alternatives. But do not worry, I’ve prepared a small list for you:

Google Adsense

You probably already know Google Adsense, the contextual advertising of Google. Little must be said of one of the best known systems to place advertising on a blog. The problem is that the criteria to accept pages are somewhat strict and you must accumulate about $ 100 (or € 70) to be able to collect it.

However, it is one of the main advertising systems that I use today in my blogs.


Chitika is perhaps one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. If for some reason you can not participate in the Google program, or you simply want to diversify your advertising revenue, it is your best option.

The best thing of all is that you can use Chitika in conjunction with AdSense without any problem. The verification of your sites is very fast and you pay by Paypal when you reach the minimum amount for payment, which is 10 USD.

Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is an agency in the United Kingdom. Ads are monetized exclusively through CPM. They specialize in a different type of advertising than Google.

The people of Propeller work, for example, with advertising type “pop-under”. This makes it problematic to combine it with Google Adsense simultaneously, since Google bans its advertising program to websites that use this type of technology. However you also have available banners and other options that combine well and are not incompatible.


It is another ad platform. Works with pupups, popunders and banners, mainly. It allows you to configure the mode in which the ads are displayed. We can, for example, decide the number of times a user will see an ad both per page and in general

As payment options have Paypal, Payoneer and bank check with a minimum accumulated amount of 50 USD. They also have the option to pay by bank transfer.


It is a direct competitor of Google Adsense, since its business model tries to be similar. However, their advertising is not so well paid. We will need to accumulate a minimum of 20 USD to be able to obtain the income.


Bidvertiseres is a pay-per-click ad network and is another good alternative for AdSense if you have not been approved or if you have been banned. It works with a bidding system by advertisers. Ads from the company that has offered the highest amount to advertise on your blog or specific web page will be displayed on your website.

At the beginning it will be normal for you not to earn too much money. It will take your time when those who bid the highest amounts are interested in you. They have text ads, banners, mobile ads and more. You must have a minimum income of 10 USD to be paid by Paypal or Payza and 50 USD to be paid by check.


Infolinks is based on a slightly different concept than the other ad networks. Text links will be displayed within your own content or there is also the possibility of using pop-ups. You can use Infolinks at the same time as AdSense without any problem.

They have four types of ads: InText, InTag, InFold and InIframe. All of them are designed not to use banners on the pages where they are placed. You need to have a minimum income of 50 USD to be able to receive payments through Paypal or 100 USD to receive payments by bank transfer.


VigLink is another option that also differs a lot from the rest of those listed here. Transform the normal links of your content into affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you will earn a commission for it. For example, if you have a post in which you talk about a new iPhone, VigLink will add new links or automatically transform the existing links into affiliate links.


It is one of the best alternative to AdSense in relation to the ads that are shown. They have a great CTR and they work with different languages. The only problem is that to be able to register is that they ask you for a minimum of 50,000 page views daily, so it only works for very large websites.

They pay when they reach a minimum income of 20 USD. The payment options are PayPal, Check and bank transfer.


It is a network that boasts having more than 10,000 publishers in which they have almost a thousand active campaigns (check accounts, supply / demand). But through your ad network will also show ads from other networks, showing ads with the best CPC for your website.


BuySellAds is a site that serves to connect advertisers with publishers, who are the people who advertise. While the other networks are based on CPC (pay per click) or CPM (pay per thousand impressions), in BuySellAds you are paid directly for placing the ads. They are intermediary agents between advertisers and publishers. They keep 25% of each transaction as a commission. It is not easy to be approved in BuySellAds. You have to have a considerable amount of traffic on your website.


It is a concept similar to that of Viglinks. It is a center for affiliate programs. The links of your website to products will be transformed into affiliate links. In case you have a blog where you write about different products, you can find it very interesting.


It is a network specialized in pop-unders. They pay quite decently and the traffic can come from any location. They will pay you daily provided you have accumulated a minimum of 5 USD. They also have pop-ups and other monetization methods. It is very easy to be approved and in a few minutes we can see the ads on our website. But Google does not like pop-unders, and bans its advertising program to websites that use this type of technology.


Adsterea is a network of publishers and advertisers offering high values per thousand impressions worldwide. They have banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, sliders and more. The publishers receive payments by bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, BitCoin, Payoneer, Paxum and Payza. If your website has a significant amount of traffic, you can try Adsterra to increase your profits.

Revenue hits

It is a very interesting network that has been running for quite some time now. Many people have used this service with very good results. They pay you based on the results (CPA), so it is a good option if you have many websites focused on specific topics. Your platform will learn and adapt automatically to your results. They also have different monetization channels. You can create pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, sliders and much more. You will be paid every thirty days by Paypal or Payoneer bank transfer.


YLLYX is a network with good prices per thousand impressions (CPM), but additionally they also have other good options to monetize your web like full page ads, pop-unders, pop-ads, sliders and more to get a good CTR . The approval process is also very fast.


Kontera follows the same scheme as Infolinks. The links will appear on the links when you pass the mouse over them. They also have links based on videos and images. All ads are based on payments per click.


It is an ad network where you are paid based on your performance. It is a network destined exclusively for the world of video games in which they have several ad units, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and much more. They ask you for a minimum of 10,000 daily visitors, so in case you do not have them, you should look for another alternative.


It is an ad platform that offers different ads based on the performance they obtain. You can register in a very short time. Different types of advertising are offered and you will not need to have too much content on your website to approve it.

The ads include banners and text blocks and sliders. They pay you when you have accumulated just 1 USD!


One of the things that I like most about Exponsor when it comes to recommending it is the versatility that it has, unlike other platforms that focus on a single model of monetization, it gives you a great variety of options to make money, not only with your blog but with your social networks.

It is a fairly large company and has contact with all types of advertisers. It is true that it is a bit more complicated when it comes to integrating advertising in a blog, and they are very selective, but it can be equally lucrative.

Yahoo! | Bing

It’s the attempt of the Yahoo! and Bing (Microsoft) for making the competition to Google Adsense with its own contextual advertising system. For this they work through the agency Media.net.

Its program is based on carefully choosing the websites that are presented as candidates, so they offer their advertisers quality sites to which they associate their advertising.


Truvid is a kind of YouTube, which pays you a commission for putting videos on your website. In this way, the revenue obtained with advertising is shared between the content creator and the website that publishes it. It’s pretty good, and not only can you paste them into the articles but make a widget that plays videos on the side.

Can you imagine being paid to write on your blog? Certain companies are willing to pay you to talk about them on your blog. You put the price, and you just have to get in touch with them.

And you will ask yourself: How do I find those companies? Very easy, there are certain companies that are dedicated to connecting other companies that want to write about them with authors of blogs, which makes this process much easier.

I work with some of them, and it has supposed me enough income, even having a small blog. Do you want me to recommend some? No problem! There are certain agencies that are dedicated to connecting bloggers with companies that want to talk about them or their products or services in blogs. Those companies are willing to pay for that content. This type of content is called “sponsored content.” Then I talk about the main agencies with which you can work this type of content:


Publisuites is without a doubt my favorite, and one of the ones that has generated the most income through sponsored content. I could talk to you a lot about this company, because I have had a lot of contact with them, they have very good attention, a lot of advertisers. They pay very well and punctually, and you charge from € 5, which is very reasonable.

With Publisuites you can earn money with your blog or simply with your profile on a social network such as Twitter or Facebook. In this article I explain it more thoroughly.

Earn money with your social media profiles in Publisuites

There are many reliable pages where you get paid for publishing certain content on your social networks. In the case of Publisuites, you are paid to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The amount paid to you will depend on the number of followers you have on these social networks, since the publication will have more reach and, therefore, will be worth more.

Earn money by posting on your blog

In my opinion this is one of the main ways to earn money if you have a blog is to use one or more platforms that pay you to write from time to time about certain topics, such as Publisuites or Exponsor. By giving your point of view about a product or service, you help a company that has hired you and with content that serves your readers, and you also receive financial compensation for it. It is a perfect circle in which everyone wins.

Those looking to position their sites are using Publisuites to find blogs from the same niche and buy “sponsored reviews”. The way to make money publishing an article in your blog through Publisuites is very easy. First you must register your blog, verify it through a meta tag or by Analytics and once you send it you will receive approval, if your blog complies with the regulations.

The Publisuites team will make an offer to win for a sponsored article, and you decide whether to accept the offer or not. I recommend selecting the themes or categories that best suit your site so that you are more likely to get more clients.

More details on Publisuites payments.

The company pays for Paypal with a minimum of € 5, or € 50 by bank transfer if you live in Spain. This is very small amount! So you will have many fast payments with this platform, unlike others that make you wait a lot longer to receive your money.

You need to have a verified paypal account to receive the payment. If you have at least € 5 earned, you can request your payment which they send each Monday. Therefore, if you request it the same Monday, you will not receive it until next Monday.

So I invite you to give this platform a chance by registering in this link. If you have any experience with Publisuites leave us a comment telling us.


Coobis is another marketing company whose mission is to connect advertisers with content creators.

Here you register your different blogs and it is the advertisers who contact you to make a proposal. It is also a very interesting website and the average prices are higher than in Publisuites, since there the minimum per post is € 5 and here it is € 20, but it moves less (maybe for this reason).

Space Content

Space Content is a consolidated German company that has only recently entered the Spanish-speaking market. The good thing about this company is that, although they manage the advertising space that you give them, you put the price that an advertiser must pay to appear there.

In this way it is as if you manage the advertising directly, but without having to search for the companies that are advertised and without having to manually place the ads. You also have the option to let random ads appear from a certain price in your ad space. The truth is pretty good.

Some time ago I wrote this article talking more in depth about the possibilities of this platform to make you earn money with your blog and your social networks. If you’re curious, you can keep an eye on it. The minimum to charge is € 50, which is quite reasonable if you combine it with other strategies that the platform allows.


content writing, copywriters, need content

Contentmart is a company with which I have been very surprised by the large amount of work that is available, that if, in English.

Their dynamic is this: They have a list of articles that someone wants to be written, so you make your offer of how much money you would do it for. If the client assigns you the project, you write it and charge it once it has been validated. Very easy.

The only “catch” is that the content is generally thought to be written in English, but if you have a blog where the content is in this language or you have no problem writing in the language of Shakespeare …

Other paid content

In addition, your blog can become a platform that allows you to spread other types of content that generate revenue, such as YouTube videos or affiliate marketing links. It is very important to interconnect your online strategies to maximize the result. There are blogs that are financed exclusively with affiliation.


Resources that may interest you if you have a blog

In addition, I have written a lot of content about blogs that can be useful if you have a blog, I will be adding more. It is possible that these articles have merged with others when you go to read them in the future, since I have times when I am updating content. I’ll leave you the ones I have so far below:

Technical concepts


Marketing oriented to websites / blogs


Get traffic for your content

Books that may interest you

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