Earn more money selling to the two kind of clients who are easier to sell

Have you thought about how much companies spend on getting new customers? In this article I tell you which are the two types of customer easier to get.

What is most important when it comes to attracting customers?

There is an incorrect paradigm in many companies: Companies do not survive thanks to having more and more customers, they do so by having more and more sales. The problem is that, for many companies, having more sales means getting more customers to sell to.

Have you stopped to think about how expensive it is to attract new customers? You must make a significant investment in marketing, either by placing ads, paying sellers … etc to reach new people and make them trust you enough to buy your products or services. However, would not it be incredible that this investment would serve you to generate income infinitely having done the job well done only once?

Therefore, the two types of clients that are easiest to obtain are:

  • The customer who has already bought you, making repetitive customer. This is not only important, but much cheaper than working with the cold market, since the investment to capture it is done.
  • Referrals, that is, people that your clients know and with whom they have no problem recommending you. Then you approach them with the confidence that these people have in the contact that you are recommending, and they are much easier to convert.

You have then to think about how you can take advantage of this knowledge in your business. Do your products and services allow your customers to buy more than once? How could you do to make it so?


I give you an example. One of my clients, who I was advising in 2018, is dedicated to the sale of industrial machinery. His business model was based on selling those machines. These were machines that, once purchased, do not need to be bought again in many years, so he spent a lot of money per day on advertising to attract new customers. If that month he did not capture new clients, he did not sell.

However, it turned out that their suppliers who sold machinery also had spare parts and accessories for those machines, such as the oil that must be changed every so often. Once my client added this to his own catalog, everything changed, because he could repeatedly sell to the customers he had captured. This also allowed him to make contact with his clients and discover that many of them were companies that installed industrial machinery, so they began to buy machinery with a certain frequency, and spare parts, to provide services to their own customers. Can you imagine what something like this could do in your business?

Additional Resources

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