Droxpay in Latin America

First, virtual cards, whether credit, prepaid or debit, are options provided by certain digital banks at European level. These will be provided by both Visa and Master Card, as the case may be.

At the Latin American level they had not been used or implemented completely. Only a few years ago, the Uphold platform issued a limited number of cards for its users, but they canceled the service.
But due to the rise of the PayPal platform in Latin America, there is a great demand for these cards. Because PayPal requires verification by a bank card or account in dollars or euros. Which is impossible in Latin America, since our official currencies are others such as pesos, bolivars, reals, soles, among others.

Consequently, a Colombian entrepreneur, seeing and living this demand, decides to innovate with the creation of a web platform called Droxpay.

What is Droxpay?

Droxpay is a web platform, which issues debit, credit or prepaid cards, in conjunction with Master Card and Visa, in dollars, with the sole purpose of verifying the PayPal account. These cards have different terms, such as months and years, up to 5 years.

The period of validity will depend on the price of the cards. The more economies their period of validity can be between several months to a year. And the most expensive can be from two years to five years.
The prices of these cards range between 5 and 35 dollars, you can also see the Droxpay store.

The platform immediately guarantees the verification of the Latin American PayPal account.

In my particular case it has been a great relief, because previously we had no way to verify my account. The only way that existed before was to verify it with a Payoneer physical prepaid card, but in 2019, both companies restricted business relationships and that benefit was eliminated.

But thanks to Droxpay, it can be verified without problems, I have been using Droxpay for two years and it has gone very well, so I highly recommend it.

They accompany you at every step of the verification, if for some reason they do not let PayPal associate the card, they explain what to do to solve it. They have attentive support team, and willing to help you with whatever you need.

It serves for personal and business PayPal accounts.

PayPal verification process with Droxpay cards

  • 1) You contact the Droxpay team on the web platform, in their chat.
  • 2) Choose the card that best suits your needs.
  • 3) They provide you with the data to pay.
  • 4) When paying the card, it is delivered to you instantly.
  • 5) Later you associate it in your PayPal account and confirm.
  • 6) Then press on get code.
  • 7) The card is ready to confirm.
  • 8) The code reaches Droxpay and they send it to you immediately.
  • 9) Enter the code, and voila, the card is confirmed and your PayPal account verified at 100%.

What data do Droxpay cards contain

  • Card type can be MasterCard or Visa.
  • Number, it has 16 digits.
  • Expires is your due date.
  • CVC or CSC is the security code that is 3 digits.

Countries where Droxpay serves

  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Panama
  • Bolivia
  • Dominican Republic

Droxpay payment methods

  • Airtm
  • Uphold
  • Skrill (this platform issues Visa and Master Card prepaid cards).
  • Bitcoin-BTC
  • Bancolombia and any bank in Colombia.
  • Nequi
  • Bank of Venezuela
  • Credit cards
  • Efecty
  • Ballot
  • Daviplata
  • Even with Mercado Pago in Mercado Libre, with your purchase secured.

Other Droxpay products

Apart from providing cards for PayPal verification, they also offer cards to buy online, with the balance you need.

There are the Google Play Master Card

Here they give you two alternatives to buy in the Google Play store. One is to acquire one of the MasterCard cards with the balance you want, or with the common Google Play gift cards that come with a PIN, which can be exonerated.
You can choose the balance on the Google Play card. They are MasterCard debit cards that can be used to buy online, what you do is add credit to the virtual card and then make your purchase.

These cards have the same data as the cards previously described in Droxpay.

The price of them will depend on the balance you want to place.

Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards allow us to shop at Amazon stores without having to expose the details of a physical credit card. In addition, the balance of these gift cards can be accumulated.

These are requested and paid in the same way as the cards mentioned above.

But the card is only issued with a balance in US dollars, it can only be used in the US Amazon.

In addition, I wanted to comment that Droxpay currently has a mobile application that works as a PayPal commission calculator. Whether to send money or to receive payments, for now it only works for Android phones.

These articles on web platforms that serve as virtual accounts or for issuance of digital cards, I do not do it for commercial or promotional purposes. These are platforms that I have been using for years, they have never failed me, and they have helped me a lot to develop my career outside the borders of Latin America. And I hope they serve you to facilitate and boost your needs, your ventures and whatever you want. Here are my recommendations for this type of posts.

Remember that the financial instruments that facilitate the control of our finances are the basis of the success of any person and company. It is not only about generating money but controlling and measuring it to reach our strategic and financial goals.

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