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Invest for dividends in Walgreens Boots Alliance – Jump on this train before it’s too late

Walgreens Boots Alliance(WBA), Inc. operates as a pharmacy-led health and beauty retail company. The catch about the company is that they run around 13.000 stores across the United States. This is a big unbeatable standpoint. The United States segment sells prescription drugs and an assortment of retail products, including health, wellness, beauty, personal care, consumable, …

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Crypto Holders Can Secure Their Accounts Better with These Tips

The year is 2020, and the way that we look at money has changed immensely. The shift to digital money started with the advent of services like PayPal, Payoneer, and other peer-to-peer platforms. Things were going in this line before the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of unregulated money. Today, there are …

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A global recession is a temporary economic decline in the trade and industrial activity that affects many countries around the world. It is a period of global economic slowdown or down turn of economic output which is generally identified by the fall in the GDP in the successive quarters. Many companies, enterprises and entrepreneurs due to the corona virus …


Bitcoin; The future currency

Bitcoin (B) is a cryptocurrency. It is the first decentralized digital currency without a principal monetary authority or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for mediator. All bitcoin transaction are documented on virtual ledger called the block chain, which is accessible for everyone …

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Droxpay in Latin America

First, virtual cards, whether credit, prepaid or debit, are options provided by certain digital banks at European level. These will be provided by both Visa and Master Card, as the case may be. At the Latin American level they had not been used or implemented completely. Only a few years ago, the Uphold platform issued …

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Survival guide in hyperinflationary economies.

First, hyperinflationary economies occur in those countries where inflation rates are above average. It can be said that hyperinflation occurs when the indexes exceed two and three figures. Based on that we can say that hyperinflation occurs when inflation reaches exorbitant and uncontrollable levels. Where the prices of products increase rapidly and excessively, while the …

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