Airport Transfers, a business idea that you must check

Probably you have faced the situation of arrive to an airport and see that the airport is far away from the city. What can you do? In this post I will show you a business idea to solve this issue. Keep reading!

What are the options when you arrive in one of those airports?

Well, probably you already know: You need to figure out what kind of public transportation you can use for go to the place where you need to be. That implies to wait a lot (until the train or bus arrives, or until a taxi is available), and an uncertain cost, because you are in a city that you don’t know.

This produces lots of frustration, and a waste of time an money to many people every day. Of course, if you know someone in that city, maybe that person is available for pick you up… but, this isn’t always the case.

With that in mind some people started to think in solutions to this problem, and here a new concept appears: the airport transfer companies.

How Airport transfers are different?

When you hire, for example, a Malaga airport transfer, you know from the beginning where and when a private car with a driver is going to pick up you and where is going to deliver you: another airport, the door of your hotel… you decide!

However, the most important detail is than you know from the beginning how much this is going to cost you, as a client. There your problems are solved, your anxiety is gone, and you just enjoy of the pleasure of travel.

How does it work?

First of all, you choose a pick up point and a destination point, for example a “Malaga to Marbella transfer“. This allows you to calculate the price in advance. The best part is that there isn’t any hidden fee in this price, this facilitate the trust of the client.

Once someone tries this kind of service, that person is going to want to use it always. Why? Because is comfortable, discrete, easy and affordable. You can even select the kind of vehicle that pick you up! This goes from a normal car, to a luxury model or a 7 seats car if you travel in group.


The need of this kind of services is evident. When a need exists there is always an opportunity to help people and make some money in exchange. That way, airport transfer services are making the difference in the private transportation industry.

What do you think about this business model? Let me know in the comments.

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