5 best ways to arrive from the airport in a city like Valencia

If you travel frequently, for example to the city of Valencia, in Spain, probably your first concern is how to go from the airport to your hotel. In addition, sometimes is even harder to return to the airport. The reason is that in some Spanish cities like Valencia or Madrid, the airport is far from the city, and you need some form of transportation.

Me in one of my travels between a sign that forbids horse carts, literally.

When I travelled to Madrid this January I suffered this problem: My flight was at first hour in the morning (was the cheapest one) and when I went happily going to the subway I fount it closed. 4 AM, in the middle of the street, carrying my luggage and with no clue of how to take my plane. What would you do?

Well, you don’t need to figure it out, because in this post, I’m going to tell you different ways to resolve this problem. I’m going to base it in the Valencia city example, but this applies to almost any city.

A friend can pick you up

If you are going to Valencia to meet with any family member or friend, maybe that person can pick you up. However, sometimes the flight hour that we have isn’t compatible with their schedule. Maybe they are at work or studying. On the other hand, maybe it’s too soon or too late for them to drive, and when you travel you don’t want to be a load for the people you love, right?

In addition, sometimes we travel to cities for business or just tourism and we don’t know anyone that can go and pick up us, so this option isn’t always available. What can we do then?

Public transport

In cities like Valencia there is the possibility to take public transport from the airport. In Valencia, for example, you can take the subway or the bus directly from the airport.

The problem with this is that these transports doesn’t go directly to your hotel, so you need to take more than one bus or train. In addition, in cities like Madrid subway, you need to buy a ticket card for multiple trips, even if you aren’t going to use them, and pay extra money when you enter or exit the airport. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife the airport bus has special prices, much higher than the normal ones… and you can find cases like this all over Spanish airports. Sometimes, the airport public transport has only few lines and makes you wait for half an hour or more.

In addition, just visualise for a moment an overcrowded public transport were you probably are going to stand up for travel because there won’t be chairs available, and you are going to be with continuous pushing and carrying you luggage everywhere. What a horrible way to arrive to a new place! And this overcrowded pushing scenario is the perfect environment for burglars, so the scene is even worst and worst if you keep thinking about it.

Take a taxi or a cab

Of course, if you doesn’t want to be in an overcrowded public transport, you can just look for an individual public transport. It can a be a taxi, or some of these private driver apps so popular these days. It also will take you directly to your destination, but there are several problems here too, and maybe you want to considerate them before jump in the first taxi you see.

First of all is the price. You never know how much is going to cost you the taxi run. In many cities taxis have an extra fee for enter or exit the airport. In addition to these, some taxi drivers goes by the long way to the destination in order to charge more. This is a typical Spanish practise, and it triggers when the drivers sees that the client is a foreigner who doesn’t know the city. So this solution, than can appear so good at first, finally becomes like playing the Russian roulette.

Rent a car

Ok, if you can’t call a friend and can’t trust completely the public transport options, why not drive yourself? This can a good option, and big airports like Valencia Airport have car rent spots. However you may think carefully this option too.

First of all, you are going to drive in a city that you don’t know, in a country with sings in a language that maybe you don’t speak as well as your own language. In addition, you don’t know the best route to your destination, so you can pass the time going around without finding your hotel, even using a GPS. If you also drive back to the airport, then you can even miss your flight.

More reasons? I have them, to rent a car is sometimes very expensive. You pay the car itself, but you may also pay the fuel of the car. In countries like Spain the fuel is very expensive too, because half of the final price is compound by taxes. One example is the diesel price, in this chart you can see the comparison between several countries. Spanish price is much higher than countries like USA, Canada or Japan.

Hire a transfer service (the best option, in my opinion)

Well, with all these cards over the table you probably are wondering if there is a reasonable way to get out of the airport in a city like Valencia. After considerate all the options, I believe that the best way is to hire a service like transfer Valencia.

What is a transfer service?

When you buy and airplane ticket or make an hotel reservation you know in front what the price is, right? Then, why not do the same with your transportation from the airport and to the airport?

With a transfer service, you have the confidence of a friend who pick you up, the privacy of a taxi and the flat price of an airline, all in the same service. This way, you already have a car waiting for you when you arrive and when you leave. You just enter the car and worry about nothing, because the price is already paid, and the driver gets you to your destination without any other problem.

You can just pick dates and hours in the same way as you do in your flight or in your hotel, with everything already planned, you just need to focus in enjoy your trip. With this service you can truly enjoy a city like Valencia from the first moment that you put your feet in the airport to the last time.

I hope that you loved this post as much as I enjoyed to write it. Did you find it helpful? Did you know all the alternatives? Do you have new ideas? Let me know in the comment, and don’t forget to share this post with your travel friends through social media. See you soon!

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