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5 amazing places you must visit in Tokyo for take the best photos

If you are thinking about visiting Tokyo, maybe you are wondering what are the best places to go. In this post I have selected 5 of them, that I think are the best ones for your photography portfolio.

It doesn’t matter if you want your pictures for sale them later online, you have a travel blog or you are an influencer or instagramer. In Tokyo you can find the best places for take photos, if you know where to look.

1- The Tokyo towers

The city of Tokyo has many towers that you can visit for take good pictures. From there, you can take quality aerial-like photos of different places of the city.

The main towers that you can visit are located in four buildings. Each building have it own rules and schedules, as I summarise them here for you:

  • Mori Tower: This building is in Roppongi Hills District, and is 238 meters high. The exterior viewpoint (Sky Deck) opens from 10am to 8pm, while the interior (Tokyo City View, that is in floor 52) opens from 10am to 11pm and on weekends it closes at 2 am.
  • Metropolitan Government Building: This 243 meters building, known as Tochō, has two excellent panoramic viewpoints located 202 meters high. It differs from the rest of the viewpoints of the city in that this one it’s free, making it another of the essential places to visit in Tokyo. The viewpoint of the north tower opens from 9:30am. to 11pm. and the one of the south tower closes at 5:30pm.
  • Tokyo Tower: This 333 meters high tower, inspired by the architecture of the Eiffel Tower, is the city’s most famous viewpoint. The observatory is at 250 meters, and has magnificent panoramic views. Also, at the base of the tower is the beautiful Zojoji temple, a very good place to visit too. This viewpoint opens from 9 am to 11 pm.
  • Tokyo Skytree: This telecommunications tower opened in 2012 and located in the Sumida neighbourhood, is the tallest structure in Japan with 634 meters. The first viewpoint (Dembo Platform) is 350 meters high, which you will reach in less than a minute by elevator. The second viewpoint (Tembe Gallery) is the tallest in Tokyo, with its 450 meters high and great views. The viewpoints open every day from 8am to 10pm.

2- Shibuya neighbourhood

Shibuya is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in the city, and another of the places to visit in Tokyo to take the best pictures.

You can get good images both during the day, with its shops and restaurants of all kinds. At night, the presence of neon lights, nightclubs and surprising attractions will make you lose track of time.

Even if you don’t come to Tokyo for shopping, don’t forget to enter Shibuya 109, a show for the senses. In addition to this, don’t forget to cross the famous crosswalk of Shibuya, or approach the statue of the faithful dog Hachiko.

A spectacular viewpoint of the crosswalk and which have recently opened, is located on the terrace of the Magnet building. A great place from which to take photos!

3- Harajuku neighbourhood

Harajuku is a good neighbourhood to see how different the Japanese culture can be from the western world.

In this part of the city it is common to see young people with a kawaii style of dresses. For example, around the Meiji Bridge, you can see people of this style on Sundays, also dressed up as manga or videogame characters.

Another place to see a different example of urban tribes in Japan is at the entrance of Yoyogi Park, where you will see every Sunday a group of rockabillies dancing Elvis Presley’s songs with their big toupees.

After a pleasant walk through Yoyogi Park, you can approach the Meiji Shrine, a Shinto shrine of 1920 that is surrounded by an immense forest, and is dedicated to the Emperor and Empress Meiji, which is another of the essential photogenic places to visit in Tokyo , that you can’t miss.

4- Odaiba Island

Odaiba is an artificial island located in Tokyo Bay and connected to the city by the long Rainbow Bridge.

This island is a good place to spend the afternoon enjoying its attractions, shopping centers and restaurants, where you can also photograph some interesting places, such as a replica of the Statue of Liberty, or take pictures from a ferris wheel of 115 meters.

Apart from the bridge, you can go to this island by a futuristic ferry, or a driver-less subway, two interesting means of transportation.

5- Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of the most popular places in Tokyo. Here you can stroll among ponds, museums and temples, is one of the most essential places to visit in Tokyo.

This public park dresses up during the flowering of the cherry tree in spring, perfect time to travel to Japan in search of good photographs. From here comes the famous snapshots of cherry blossoms that are so famous!

One of the favorite places of professional photographers in this park is the Shinobazi pond, which is divided into three parts: the lotuses, the boats and the cormorants.

In the centre of the lake is the Benten-do temple, located on a small island. Other interesting places in the park are the Toshogu Shrine, the five-story pagoda, the Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple and the Jomyoin, the statue of Saigo Takamori and the Great Buddha of Ueno. It has a good museum too.

Where you can stay in Tokyo

A good photo hunt in Japan requires a luxury hotel in Tokyo where you can take good pictures too. That place is Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten. There, you can enjoy the confort of a modern hotel installations, and a very good taste in decorations, very suitable for your pictures. I have selected some images for you as an example:

As you can see, the table is Japan style, so you can feel like in a Japanese house and take photos for your Instagram, for example. Lots of services awaits you in this hotel, from traditional breakfast to LCD TV. However, one of the best things is it’s location, because the hotel is at five-minute walk from Shin-Ochanomizu Station, so it’s very well connected with the city.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. Are you planning to visit any of this places? Did you knew them, or you just discovered something new? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post in your social media for help other people to find good places to photograph. See you soon!

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